The entitlement process is dependent upon many factors, unknown risks and uncertainties  that may cause the actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from the expectations.


A conceptual overview of the process for managing a property intended for residential development, from the time of acquisition until the asset is ready to be sold to a homebuilder.


This process is geared to render the land entitled to the degree which is most attractive to residential home builders and developers that generates the maximum return in the shortest time frame.


  1. Once identified, we formulate potential land and site plans that are designed to maximize land value while being compatible with neighboring land uses. While evaluating potential land plans, the Manager concurrently reviews the local political climate in order to gauge the political feasibility of achieving a desired entitlement (or re-entitlement) and assesses the best strategy to achieve the entitlement goals in the shortest possible time frame.

  2. Immediately following the acquisition of a property implements the business plan for the project.

  3. The Team will oversee and coordinate the efforts of engineers, legal counsel, land planners, public and government relations specialists, among other professionals, in order to achieve desired outcomes for the project.