The lifespan of a residential real estate land project is typically from two to five years depending on project maturity and the market conditions prevalent during the hold period and the time of intended disposition. 


We will initiate a comprehensive due diligence and underwriting effort and, upon completion of its work, presents a total project analysis and business plan.

If we elect to proceed with the acquisition after reviewing the due diligence and underwriting review and analysis, implementation of the business plan is initiated, site design and engineering is undertaken, and processing of entitlement begins. Disposition of the asset is initiated during the latter stages of the land fund management and entitlement phase to market the property for sale to a builder or developer.  If it is a component of the plan or otherwise determined by, site development activities will be undertaken prior to disposition. During the disposition phase, the property is marketed for a sale to a homebuilder or developer by professional real estate brokers that specialize in land transactions. Upon acceptance of an offer to purchase the property.  We will negotiate a purchase and sale agreement with the buyer and enter escrow and make a deposit for the purchase. Upon the sale of an asset the proceeds will be distributed or redeployed pursuant to ownership wishes.